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St. Mary’s Oxford Rd MVP

About Us

Saint Mary’s Oxford Road Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a newly established feedback forum for expectant and new parents receiving care from St. Mary’s hospital @ Oxford Road Campus.

We are keen to hear about your experiences of maternity care during pregnancy, birth and in the first few weeks after your baby is born. For example, we want to know:

  • what was good about your care?
  • what wasn’t so good?
  • any ideas you have for improvements to care?

You can get in touch via any of our social media channels listed under the contact us section. Alternatively you can email us or join one of our online feedback sessions. 

What we do

We don’t handle individual complaints but we do look for themes in the feedback we receive from you. Every three months we review that feedback with our Saint Mary’s MVP committee of midwives, doctors, commissioners and parents to identify improvement projects for our MVP work plan. We then collaborate with maternity and neonatal staff, mums, dads and parents like you, to co-produce service improvements and make changes that matter to you.

Your voice matters, share your feedback and get involved.

Our maternity unit

St. Mary’s hospital provides maternity care to expectant parents in and around Manchester and Trafford. The hospital is managed by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

St. Mary’s hospital (Oxford Road Campus) is a large obstetric unit, also known as a labour ward or delivery suite, for women and babies who may some need extra care because they have a higher chance of complications. In addition, there is a neonatal unit for babies who need extra care after birth. St. Mary’s community midwives provide antenatal and postnatal care in the community as well as attending homebirths.

Contact us

Meet the chair

Naomi Pemberton

Upcoming events

We hold quarterly MVP committee meetings online. Check our social media for the latest events.