North Manchester MVP Chair

Kinga Fuentes

Hi everyone! I am originally from Poland and have been living in UK for the last 11 years.

Some of my favourite things to do are hiking, dancing, and reading.

I am mum of a 4.5 old little boy who I have had at home under the care of North Manchester community midwives.

It has been a great experience which changed my perspective on birth and sparked my interest with all thing’s motherhood and maternity care.

My interest in breastfeeding also developed around the same time, when I noticed massive differences among my friend’s experiences and the number of struggles mums experience around feeding. I have always enjoyed biology so that side of it fascinated me too.

What’s added fuel to the fire for me is reading books such as ‘Politics of Breastfeeding’ or ‘Breastfeeding Uncovered’ and feeling such unfairness and frustration around this topic as well as seeing big changes that need to happen.

I wanted to get involved in this field to help other women have similar good experiences as I have been lucky to have, having encountered good education and support.

I have trained and volunteered as a breastfeeding peer supporter and progressed to train with Association of Breastfeeding Mothers to become breastfeeding councillor. I am right at the end of that training and about to volunteer on National Breastfeeding Helpline.

I wanted to get more experience in supporting mums with their feeding challenges and I currently also work as infant feeding support worker in North Manchester.

The more I worked with mothers the more I wanted to be involved in supporting new mums holistically.

Reflections around this topic led me to starting a doula training with Red Tent Doulas in 2020.

Knowing that there is a deficit of doulas supporting mothers from minority communities and a lot of evidence how relationship-based care can impact outcomes, I am excited about continuing on that path.

I have been quite involved with Polish mothers’ community. When my son was younger, I used to run mum and baby groups. I have been running Polish breastfeeding workshops in the community. I am now more active online, leading a doula led, birth education Facebook group as well as home birth support group.

I am passionate about educating women about their choices around childbirth and breastfeeding and re framing the conversations we have about those topics as well as caring for mothers better during postpartum period and advocating for their needs and their opinions to be heard

I see it as very much a feminist issue for women to have dignity and autonomy to make decisions about their births and feeding journeys.

When an opportunity presented itself to be involved with MVP it was a natural and exciting continuation of my interests around maternity care

MVP provides an unique opportunity to amplify service user’s voices about their experiences with maternity care involving them with co-production of maternity services.

North Manchester is such an interesting, diverse area, I am looking forward to connecting with local women on the topics that matter to them and to work together to improve maternity for ourselves, our friends, families and our children.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all.

Kinga Fuentes - North Manchester MVP Chair
Kinga Fuentes - North Manchester MVP Chair

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