North Manchester MVP Chair

Ashleigh Reed

Hello, my name is Ashleigh Reed. I have a 3 year old daughter called Annie and also run a small parent and baby wellness business teaching classes such as hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga and baby yoga & massage. I gave birth to my daughter at home just a couple of weeks before the first national lockdown, I was lucky to have such a positive experience and will be forever grateful for the care I received.  It was during this time I became totally fascinated with pregnancy, birth, postpartum and all the amazing things our bodies are capable of. When I’m not working I love yoga, hiking and being outdoors. 
I wanted to get involved with MVP to help try and improve the maternity system and at the same time make sure care providers hear what a great job they are doing too.  I am around new parents and pregnant people a lot and hear lots of birth stories – not all of which are positive.  I passionately believe all women and birthing people from all backgrounds should have access to the right support, care & information they need to make their birth experience more of a positive one and help them thrive in those early days of parenthood.
I am really looking forward to getting out into different communities around North Manchester and meeting all the new parents (and babies!) and hopefully making a positive impact on the maternity service.
Ashleigh Reed
North Manchester MVP chair - Ashleigh Reed

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